I hope to share interesting stories about the development of our games, useful tutorials and snippets to help other game devs, and my own ramblings, specifically about:

  • Unity and Unreal Engine, the two game engines I use.
  • Programming.
  • Game design.
  • 3D Modelling (Blender).
  • Sound and music (Audacity).
  • Procedural generation (something I'm really intrigued by).


I just finished the last part of the main quest line, as well as the last area of the game! This is big for me, and it means content wise the game is done - at least for version 1.0.0. After release of 1.0.0, more content will be added of course: I really want to flesh out the game world with more things to discover, more backstroy and history of the world. And side quests!

The next two weeks though, I will mostly spend playing and testing the game.
My goals will be (in order):

  • Fix all critical bugs and problems.
  • Tweak gameplay and difficulty, so the game is fun.
  • Start promoting the game, so people know about the release.

PS: If you want to help me test the game, with a chance to play the final version before anyone else, just let me know at jens.dittmer@dragobyte.com. It would mean much to me, and I’d mention you in the credits (if you want).


My plan was to work on the quest mechanics for the last area of the game. Five minutes into it, I found a serious bug in the game: There are objects that can be picked up by the player. The problem? They could also be picked up while the player was standing on them, resulting in the player flying high up in the air, then falling to his death. It is kind of funny...check out this video:

Video - LOTM Bug

It’s a serious showstopper tough - players can use it to get to nearly every elevated location, and possibly to bug into objects and walls. I definately had to fix it before doing any other work. Out of the possible solutions I could come up with, this one seemed viable:

  • Send a raycast downwards from the player.
  • Check if the first object that is hit has physics enabled (enabled physics = object that can be picked up).
  • If physics is enabled, prevent the player from picking up any objects at all.

Notice: this does more than just check if the player tries to pick up the object he is standing on. It actually prevents him from picking up any objects at all, as long as he is standing on an actor with enabled physics. For my case, this was even safer.
This is what I came up with:

There was one more problem: if the player was standing on a ledge, the raycast would miss the object he was standing on, as it started in the middle of the player’s position. I solved this by using a SphereTraceForObjects node instead of LineTraceForObjects. The sphere traces actually sends out a sphere from the start position to the end position, which returns the first object it hits. For the radius of the SphereTrace I set the radius of the player’s capsule. From my testing so far, everything worked fine.
I hope it stays that way ;-)